(thunkable) ultimate guide to earn money with app development

(Thunkable) Ultimate Guide to Earn money with App Development

(thunkable) ultimate guide to earn money with app development

Thunkable is a good app builder Drag & Drop based platform for earning money.

Soo hii guy’s

This is saurabh and here in this post. We are talking about step to step process to earn money with Thunkable website.

First of all we are not going to earn money with thunkable website. we are going to build application and then earn money with that application.

I had already posted about “How i build app in 15 minutes(full tutorial)” Firstly read it and then you will be able to build your own app in 15 minute and Earn money with it.so basically this is a second part of “how i build app in 15 minute”

You can also read about-

What you have to do is build your own application with help of thunkable and insert ad code of your Admob account and then download the application.

If you have money OR you can invest a little bit then you can upload it on playstore. Else you can operate in offline also. this idea is tested and well verified by myself.

Now a days what my blogger & youtuber friends are doing is – They are creating Funny jokes/quotes/motivation/earn money type of applications and insert ads on them. believe me they are generating 75$+/day. Which is around 5000 rs /day and 150k per month.

Most of their money is generation from earn money type application.Where users get money by clicking on ads and app developer also. Developer pays little amount of money to their users and take rest of the money for himself.

Believe me if you can manage to get 500 active users to your “Earn money app” Then you can generate 200$+ per day.(from my experience).

now lets start the guide-

In the previous post i had already showed step to step process to build application. and now In this post i will tell you how you can earn money with it. So basically we are going to use Admob.

what is Admob?

Admob is a advertise serving platform for mobile applications. As we know Adsense serve’s advertise to blog/website and youtube channel also. So Admob is a part of Adsense which is specially dedicated for serving ads to applications.

If you are not registered to it then i will suggest you to go and create your Admob account first.

After login/signup Go to apps<add app<create ad unit.

(thunkable) ultimate guide to earn money with app development

Now copy your ad unit id and paste it on app that you have created on thunkable website. as you can see in the picture

.(thunkable) ultimate guide to earn money with app development

Now click on build app and your app will be created share it as much as you can.

(thunkable) ultimate guide to earn money with app development You can also use youtube to get more users of your app so that u can earn money.Work on your content which you are providing in application so that your user return everyday. Because in every business. Revenue recurring process is very important to build the base.

Go for it and at least try it once. If you have any problem comment down below and thank you for reading the post.

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